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  • Online Membership

    Online Membership

    Online Membership

    1 Year $11.68

    2 Years $21.02

    3 Years $30.36

  • Standard ID Card

    Standard ID Card

    Standard ID Card

    1 Year $14.01

    2 Years $25.69

    3 Years $35.03

  • Industry Photo ID Card

    Industry Photo ID Card

    Travel Industry Asia Photo ID Card - The ITA Photo ID is required by some suppliers as proof of identity when checking in for a flight or accommodation in lieu of an IATA or Airline ID card. If a supplier requires specific photo ID you must produce it on demand as per ticketing rules.

    1 Year $18.68

    2 Years $32.70

    3 Years $42.04

  • Partner Card

    Partner Card

    The Industry Travel Asia Partner Card is an ideal way to validate your partner as a bone-fide partner of you as a member. Any valid member of Industry Travel Asia can add as many partners to their own membership as they would like. Members cards are recognised by some industry suppliers as proof you are an Industry Travel Asia member. Some suppliers utilise the card as identification enabling members and partners to receive discounts on goods and services.

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