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Some FAQ about Concessional Travel on ITA

  • What is Concessional Travel?

    The Travel Industry has regulated industry fares that are offered to employees of airlines and to people in industries that directly support the travel and tourism industry. Hotels have a similar system to support the industry. The prices provided to bone-fide members of the industry are not available to the public.

  • What does it take to qualify for Concessional Travel and Industry Rates?

    Supplier have varying rules but are based on the fact you have been in the travel and tourism industry for at least one (1) year, and have been with the same employer for the last 60 days prior to departure.

  • How do I know if I qualify for Concessional Travel and Industry Rates?

    ITA has list of categories that are acceptable to suppliers for concessional rates. This list can be found under Eligibiity on the Membership tab on the top of this page. Not every category has the same benefits, and every product on the ITA site is subject to the suppliers requirements. You may qualify for one supplier but not the next, even though the departures and destinations may be the same.
  • What kind of documentation is required to join?

    We have strict documentation requirements for booking flights and accommodation. For membership, before booking, we accept your professional word that you are qualified for the category to which you assign yourself when you join. This allows you to browse all the specials before booking.

  •  Why can't I see some prices or specials?

    Some industry types and fares are restricted to members only as we do not sell to the public. As a paid ITA member those Industry rates are yours to review.

  • What documents will I need to make a booking?

    The basic booking requirement for all ITA products is a letter on company letterhead from your Travel Industry employer confirming your job position and your term of years with the employer. 

    A copy of your's and any companions travelling with you passports and or/ government ID papers, If you are traveling on a ticket that speciifcally allows family members (as compared to companions) you will need to provider proof of relationship (birth, marriage certificates, etc)

    Some Airlines/hotels require a copy of your IATA Card or Airline ID card at booking and checkin. Some Airlines will accept ITA Photo ID cards at checkin as an alternative to an IATA card.

    Extended documents are required by some providers if you do not hold an IATA or Airline ID card. These documents include:
    • Copy of labour contract between employee and employer;
    • Copy of Investment License for Employer to show they are licensed to conduct business in the industry;
    • Copy of social insurance book showing the registration of both employer and employee with government offices;
    • Copies of examples of work associated with the category for member;
    • Current Paid up membership with ITA;
    • Some Partners will require ITA photo ID if you don't have IATA or Airport ID so you will need a membership level that includes ITA Photo ID.
  • What type of discounts are available and for what kind of travel products?

    ITA works across the Travel and tourism industry so you will be able to source great deals for Airfares, Accommodation, Tours, Cruises, Rail Trips and Passes, Duty Free, Restaurant and Cafe discounts, and industry specific travel insurance discounts. Discounts range from 10% to 80% off retail prices.

  • Why are some public fares lower than ITA?

    Airfares are extremely competitive commodities. You have probably seen promotional fares for $1.00 or $29.00 to popular destinations. Those tickets are usually extremely difficult to obtain. They may not be available when you need one. With ITA your professional standing gets you a rate that is available even when the public specials are nowhere to be seen or already sold out.

  • Can I use more than one carrier for a trip?

    Yes! Our partners have distinct routes they offer to members through ITA. You may combine multiple carriers on the same itinerary. ITA can help you with connecting flights to reach origination or connecting cities on offer through our partners.

  • If I sign up online can I upgrade my membership later?

    Yes! Some of our industry travel partners require a photo ID when booking ticket or doing an air ticket for airline tickets. This is the same conditions put in palce by Asia travel tour companies when requesting a travel agent discount. Industry Travel Asia photo ID is recognised by some partners as acceptable for air and tour tickets. You may upgrade your non- photo ID membership to an Industry Travel Asia photo ID  at anytime. There is a prorating system for giving credit for your remaining exisitng membership.

  • Can I have a broken jaw itinerary for a trip?

    Yes! For example you may choose to fly SGN to BKK and on to LHR. From there you make your own way to CDG or FRA for a return to SGN via ROM or DXB. This itinerary could be allowed by an airline. To get the best rate at booking an air ticket for such a flight please advise us of your complete itinerary when requesting your concessional ticket.
  • What is an ID75 or ID90?

    The Air Travel Industry has a programme setup by IATA to allow airlines to offer interline (between airlines) fares to airline employees and employees in the travel industry. The ID in ID75 or ID90 refers to "Industry Discount" which is the discount applied to a FULL price ticket for a route. If the full price ticket for a route was $2000.00 the travel industry discount price would be calculated from that price. In this exampe the ticket prices would be either $500 or $200. Most ID90 rates are restricted to airline employees who travel as standby passengers and are only allowed seats if there is space available. ID75 tickets, some times refered to as travel agent rate tickets, while they are 'cheap tickets', may be a problem for the traveller as they are not confirmed space, potentially leaving you stranded in an airport or foreign country possibly overstaying a visitor visa or transit visa.

  • Can I buy an ID75 or ID90 ticket through Industry Travel Asia?

    Industry Travel Asia does not issue ID90 airline tickets and will not be booking tickets for these tickets as they are not confirmed space tickets. Industry Travel Asia only uses confirmed space air tickets. Cheap tickets may be found on the Industry Travel Asia site that are below the ID 75 rate and are confirmed space.

  • What are M.E.R. rates?

    Industry Travel Asia offers Member Exclusive Rates (MER) for members to take advantage of last minute and special promotional fares from our suppliers. These tickets are usually seasonal and short time period based. As there is codeshare or multicarrier interline agreements in place for most of these fares, we list only the MER headline as a supplying carrier.

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